Faith Perspective: Time is fleeting

The Church Age has existed for nearly 2000 years and falls between the 69th and 70th weeks of Daniel (Daniel 9:24-27). This time period is when the Church is on Earth. The translated word “church” means “called out from the world for God.” It refers to all who have been born again and is a synonym for the body of Christ (Matt:16:18).

Undoubtedly you’ve noticed that our world grows more evil by the day. Many others could be listed, but in just 2024, ten events reveal the following.

1. Israel is alone, being brutally attacked in October 2023.

2. The spirit of antichrist has been let loose on our planet.

3. Calling evil good and good evil is commonplace.

4. Earth has no real global leader to whom the world looks for peace and security.

5. A rush toward global government is being handed to the World Health Organization (WHO).

6. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being developed to rule Earth.

7. Deviation from what is normal is being celebrated as the world’s standard.

8. Numerous churches are furthering unsound doctrine.

9. A cashless society is in the making called crypto. Every purchase we make will be tracked. Central bank digital currency (CBDC) will change our lives perilously.

10. Violence such as in Noah’s day is upon us. Businesses are being ravaged by crime. Theft and lawlessness is running rampant.

God designed you to be part of His family, to enjoy a restored Earth someday. Your part is to humble yourself, repent from your destructive sins, and trust the Lord Jesus Christ, your Creator, who paid the penalty for all of your sins on the Cross.

His resurrection gives you assured hope that you, too, can have victory over death. The stakes are infinite. Heaven or Hell. Live selfishly for a few years or follow the Lord Jesus and enjoy purpose and fellowship for now and for eternity.

Marilyn Sager



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