America needs to listen to its national scientists


Much of the current public health crisis could have been avoided had the U.S. government listened to scientists who not only raised early concerns about the spread of coronavirus, but recognized that a federal resource to manage an epidemic response was critical to the safety of Americans. ...

Why National Medical Labratory Week is important


National Medical Laboratory Professionals Week has been celebrated this week, April 19-26, recognizing an important component of the medical team. Who are Medical Laboratory Professionals. Why is there an entire week to celebrate their dedication and accomplishments? These people come in all ...

Do you have the tools to be a reporter?


Reporters will sometimes use some very high-tech tools. They analyze data, capture video, audio or photo, compose and edit stories that are then shared to the internet, television, radio and print. However, a reporter’s tools don’t have to be cutting-edge. In fact, even though I’m ...

A little warmth through Christ

Letters to the Editor

To the editor: What was the greatest event in the past 2000 years? I don’t know how skeptics would answer that, but it was the resurrection of Jesus Christ. A Jewish carpenter and preacher from Nazareth named Yeshua, or Jesus, is the most remarkable individual in all of human history. ...

Time to step up, government

Letters to the Editor

To the editor: Life has never been this uncertain in my lifetime. Everything I have ever known will never be the same.as before this pandemic. Food banks are struggling without food suppliers while our farmers are forced to throw away millions of pounds of produce due to “no demand.” It ...

Stop telling people their jobs aren’t essential


Right now, Michigan residents can purchase marijuana products curbside from a dispensary, but they can’t purchase plants and gardening supplies curbside from a local greenhouse. People can line up at the party store to purchase liquor and lottery tickets, but they can’t buy paint or ...