Ontonagon forming new group: Constitution Party


After an informational meeting in early August, Houghton County Constitution Party leaders have held a meeting at Syl’s Restaurant in Ontonagon in an effort to form an Ontonagon

Constitution Party.

The meeting took place Thursday Night.

In Michigan, the Constitution Party goes under the auspices of the US Taxpayers Party (USTP). 

“This is due to the USTP having ballot access.  The Constitution Party is working on getting ballot access in the state,” said Mary Sears of the Houghton County Party.

Sears led the informational meeting in August and is optimistic there will be interest in Ontonagon County to form its own affiliate of the Constitution Party.

“We’re asking Ontonagon County residents to do what many in the Copper Country did, that is to be a part of the growing movement to bring our Country back to our Constitutional Rights,” Sears said.

The first requisite to form a County Party is to appoint a Chair and Treasurer.  According to Sears this can be done by the Michigan State Committee Chairman or a meeting, such as the one held on Thursday Night.

At that meeting, attendees were given information on the National Platform — in brief — on the Constitution Party.


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