KBIC general election ballot set for Dec. 14

The ballot for the 2019 general election of the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community has been set, with an extra nominee in the Baraga District because of a tie in the primary. The primary was held Nov. 2, with 65% voter turnout, according to Diana Chaudier, the Election Board Chairwoman. This is a continuation of a three-year trend of increasing turnout for primaries, Chaudier said.

Announcement of the final general election ballot was delayed while the KBIC Tribal Council debated how to proceed after the tie, with a runoff or an extended ballot.

Nominees in the three categories are listed below.

Two proposal questions will also be included on the ballot.

According to an email from Chaudier, Proposal 1 reads, “Do you support voting by any member who lives off of the reservation?” Proposal 2 asks, “Would you support term limits for all tribal council members?”

The general election will take place on Dec. 14. Polls open at 10 a.m. and close at 6 p.m. The Baraga District polling place is at the Ojibwa Senior Citizens Center, and the L’Anse polling place is the Zeba Community Hall. Voter registration closed on Nov. 14.

Absentee ballots are available until Nov. 22. Requests must be submitted for review in writing to the KBIC Election Board, 16429 Beartown Rd., Baraga, Mi 49908.

Baraga District nominees:

Rodney Loonsfoot (Inc)

Donald L. Chosa, Jr.

Michael P. Lahti

Carole L. LaPointe

Don Messer, Jr.


L’Anse District nominees:

Gary Loonsfoot, Jr. (Inc)

Eddy Edwards

Jean Jokinen

Jennifer Misegan


Associate Judge nominees:

Violet M. Friisvall Ayres (Inc)

Tyler Larson


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