Village clerk submits resignation: It’s someone else’s turn

CALUMET — Kevin Weir, recently re-appointed to the Village Clerk position, submitted his resignation to the Village Council Friday, citing a number of reasons, including a lack of communication between government officials, which he said, is not new. He also cited the Village Council’s ongoing avoidance of following its own procedures, something he had addressed to the council in November 2019.

In an email to council members and Village Manager, Caleb Katz, Weir wrote that after the regular February meeting last Tuesday, stating that the the Clerk’s Report had not been included in board packet for the January regular meeting, nor was space arranged for a verbal report for the February meeting.

“Nor did a single board member move to amend the agenda these issues.” Weir wrote. “This must change if the village wants to continue from this clerk’s time.”

Otherwise, he continued, what is the point of even having a clerk?

Weir said in his Thursday email that is what was becoming apparent to him, the council is unaware of the value of, or at least undervalues the presence of a clerk, making him feel as though they simply do not want one.

Referring again to the history of lack of communication, Weir stated: “If the council is unaware of anything that is happening at the village, perhaps the (village manager) can also play a role in continuing to improve communication via all village officials.”

In a follow-up email Friday, Weir announced his resignation, saying he is washing his hands of it again.

“I stepped in to try and help, because they have alienated everyone else in the village,” he stated. “(Trustee Andrew) Ranville and (Trustee Roxanne) King treated me like I was asking for a favor.”

Weir had addressed the council at the November 2019 regular meeting on the same topic, advising its members to be more attentive to governmental procedure. At issue then was the passing of three ordinances, which he felt pressured to sign, two of which he felt he should not have. Two of them were ordinances pertaining to marijuana in the village.

Weir had gone on to say that he did not mean to infer the council did not the take process seriously, but that at times, ordinances are not drafted in what he deemed a competent way.

Weir was appointed to the clerk’s position in February 2019, replacing Julie Dahlstrom, who had resigned for similar reasons to Weir’s later reasons.

The Calumet Village website on Monday listed the clerk’s position, and three trustee positions, as vacant, indicating Weir’s resignation was accepted.


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