Mix of oils and holistic approaches set SFC apart

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Superior Family Chiropractic (SFC) in Chassell has now taken an even more comprehensive approach to addressing obstacles to your healthcare experience and meeting your goals. With the addition of Dr. Kemmy Taylor’s company she co-founded, Superior Essentials, they are now able to help you meet your health goals in a way you will be sure to love.

With the combined clinical experience of over 50 years, the doctors at SFC are excited to launch the integration of the most scientifically-based, most highly-researched essential oil company, DoTERRA Essential Oils, into their practice via Taylor. As the largest oil company in the world, with the most emphasis put on safety and education, this brand was chosen due to their purity, potency, sustainable sourcing practices and unmatched testing procedures. Not to mention they are the only brand being used in over 130 research hospitals and institutes nationwide, such as Vanderbilt, Duke and Mayo Clinic, amongst the hundreds of well-known establishments solely using DoTERRA.

“If hospitals are choosing to use essential oils, specifically DoTERRA oils, it was a no-brainer to us when choosing a company we’d be proud of and confident to represent” said Taylor, who also is a certified essential oil coach.

“With four doctors on staff at Superior Family Chiropractic, we can work together and can consult onsite when needed, and, because of our great working relationship with primary care practitioners and specialists, our team excels in co-managing for non-chiropractic findings as they arise” said Dr. Mischa Doman. “These relationships helped create a unique opportunity by enabling us to be the only credentialed chiropractors in the Upper Peninsula working in a hospital setting through our weekly BCMH’s specialty clinic hours.”

Superior Family Chiropractic is already known for its comprehensive initial examination.

“Our exam process is an integral part to a specific and safe adjustment,” said Dr. Tyler Roy.

A thorough examination will be performed to detect the presence of vertebral subluxations. Exam procedures include postural analysis, range of motion, and computerized spinal examination through infrared thermography, palpation and on site X-rays.

“Our exam is designed to take the guesswork out,” said Roy. “We not only make sure it’s safe to start care, but also determine our course of care.”

“Essential oils impact emotional, biological, and physiological processes in the body causing the release of enzymes, hormones, and other cellular signals; it just makes sense to combine this with a properly functioning nervous system obtained through specific chiropractic adjustments,”said Dr. Jinny Sirard. “The ability we now have to refer our patients to Dr. Kemmy for safe, effective essential oil use is great.”

Over the last 15 years, SFC has built a reputation that speaks for itself. Referrals are continuous from patients and their families as well as various health care providers for safe, specific, chiropractic care and now they can be confident when they choose to incorporate essential oils into their lives.

Dr. Kemmy will provide consultations starting in May using a holistic approach.

“I’ll be using a technique that combines some of the best alternative techniques including applied kinesiology/muscle testing, of which I am certified in, with the powerful healing abilities of essential oils,” Taylor said. “It’s absolutely staggering how many people are suffering from chronic pain, inflammation, inadequate sleep, high stress, gut issues, hormone issues, just to name a few.

“As holistic chiropractors, we’ve been doing this for over 16 years, as far as addressing the person/body as a whole, yet with the addition of other techniques and essential oils, it will serve to only heighten the experience of those who choose Superior Family Chiropractic.”

In the sessions offered by Taylor, people will walk away with a true understanding of what they can do each day as far as diet, exercise, hydration, essentials oils and other lifestyle goals to improve their health. Taylor has spent several years taking extensive courses in essential oil protocols as well as spending hundreds of hours studying their science and chemistry. This includes the first Every Essential Oil Physician’s Forum she attended. She is excited to officially offer this as part of her practice.

Already under chiropractic care elsewhere yet would still like to work with Dr. Taylor in using essential oils as well as other holistic approaches to health? No problem. They are accepting appointments starting in May. Call 482-2400 to speak with their amazing office staff, Emily Downes, office manager, and Samantha Elenich, chiropractic assistant, to get on the list. Looking for a chiropractor? We are now accepting new patients either for specific chiropractic care or in combination with Taylor’s area of expertise. Call them today for an appointment. Be sure to visit: superiorfamilychiropractic.com and find both Superior Essentials and Superior Family Chiropractic on Facebook.