Women’s health primary concern for Holladay

U.P. Health System-Portage hospital photo Dr. Theresa Holladay will continue to provide gynecological services in the UP Health Systems -- Portage, but has moved to a new office in Internal Medicine, which gives her greater access to other specialists.

Dr. Theresa Holladay is a gynecologist for UP Health System – Portage with a new office in Internal Medicine. Her specialization in gynecology, as well as her position within the internal medicine suite, allows her the ability to give specialized attention to the residence of the Copper Country.

“[Internal Medicine] is a cool place. It offers a lot of different services for ages 18 and up,” said Dr. Holladay.

These services are made possible by close collaboration between specialists that have offices in the suite, including rheumatology, hematology, oncology, cardiology, nephrology, dermatology and other specialists visiting Hancock. These specialists can then share records and advise one another to ensure that each patient gets quality, intensive, and holistic care.

“There’s a deep knowledge base in medicine and primary care,” said Dr. Holladay. “I see myself as the women’s health portion… I think it’s really important to coordinate all of the care of a woman’s needs.”

Dr. Holladay graduated with both her undergraduate degree and her doctorate in Osteopathic Medicine from Michigan State University. Throughout her education and early career, Dr. Holladay “kept feeling drawn to women’s health.”

A difficult case in the early ’90s changed everything.

“One day I was in my preventative practice and I felt very passionate about one of my patient’s care,” said Dr. Holladay. “I was consulting an OBGYN about it and that doctor challenged me to sign up for an OBGYN residency.”

Dr. Holladay completed the residency and became a certified OBGYN in 1998.

“When you love what you do and feel passionate about it, you’ve got to do it every day,” said Dr. Holladay. “Women run the world… If I can keep them running strong, I can make the world a better pace.”

Dr. Holladay has been working in women’s health ever since, but her new position at UPHS-Portage allows her to spend more time with patients.

“I like to just be excellent at one thing. It’s a lot for a women’s health provider to provide obstetric and gynecological care at the same time. I like to have more time to sit with patients,” said Dr. Holladay. “When I was offered a chance to just sit and do that… that’s where I’m at now.”

The list of services that Dr. Holladay provides is long and includes routine gynecologic visits, menstrual management, pelvic floor problems, contraception, and fertility services, as well as screenings for cancer and various hormonal therapies. While the services can be drastically different from one another, they are all based in wellness.

“Everyone worries about breast cancer but only 12 percent of women will develop breast cancer. However, 50 percent of women are affected by heart disease,” said Dr. Holladay.

Fortunately, while problems with it can manifest in many different ways, wellness starts from common places. Dr. Holladay’s specific medical background places her in a great position to address those areas.

“The osteopathic philosophy is to make the body function we have to restore its anatomy or its nutrition,” said Dr. Holladay. Take pain management, for example. “I integrate that pain management with other services like physical therapy,” said Dr. Holladay, “I urge my patients to try everything else before surgery.”

Dr. Holladay may have a new office, but she is still very accessible to old and new patients.

“Women’s health is direct access. Any woman can ask for access to an OBGYN as well as a primary care provider,” said Dr. Holladay.

Internal Medicine is Suite 4 at UPHS-Portage’s main campus on Campus Drive in Hancock. It can be found by entering through the rehab entrance and turning left or by entering through the emergency entrance and turning right. You can also reach Internal Medicine by calling 483-1730. You can also find Dr. Holladay on social media.

“I’m on Facebook (and) people can message me,” said Dr. Holladay. “I don’t mind people talking to me at the grocery store.”

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