Consequences of pandemic fatigue; I know we’re tired, but stay vigilant

Dear Annie: I am an RN who does COVID-19 swabs in a tent outside my hospital for people who have been exposed or are symptomatic. When I read the dilemma of “Quarantined and Stressed,” a couple who are worried about playing cards again with friends, I was reminded of a sick man who came recently in with 101+ fever and problems breathing. He stated he had played cards with friends a week earlier and now two of his friends were hospitalized. I asked if they wore masks and used hand sanitizer, and he said no. Let me tell you, he was really regretting that bad decision. People are getting pandemic fatigue and letting their guard down. COVID-19 is still here, folks, and all over. Keep being safe until we can get herd immunity, please! Health care workers are overwhelmed and will thank you to be one less patient. — Tired RN in FL

Dear Tired RN in FL: Thank you for your letter and service during this pandemic. Your letter was both touching and informative. I hope it saves other people as well.

Dear Annie: For the bridge players who want to play again: we have found a reasonably satisfying alternative to in-person games by playing on Trickster.com. It is a way to play bridge online. And it includes video so that you can see and talk to each other. The site offers a tutorial that can be tried without committing to anything. I look forward to our weekly bridge game as a high spot, while sequestered at home. — Found a Safe Way to Play

Dear Safe: It’s a great suggestion to play online together. While it is not ideal, it is temporary and certainly better than nothing. I applaud you for your creativity.

Dear Annie: I echo “Saw It Before’s” remarks about making children independent. I had my children in my late 30s and immediately fell in love with them. I wanted to do everything for them. When one of them was in high school, a classmate was orphaned and it completely changed my view. I realized it could just as easily have been me and my husband and set about making them as independent as possible. Making them dependent on you may feel good at the time but it cripples them and only makes them resent you. — Mother of Two Independent Adults

Dear Mother of Two: Congratulations on cracking the code to raising independent children. What a gift you have given them.

Dear Annie: I loved the answer from “Great Grandma.” Its the truth! None of my three kids ever acted up like I hear so many other adults complain about. Why? Because I paid attention to them. We could go anywhere knowing my kids were well-behaved. Love and show interest in your children and grandchildren. Running wild kids are seeking attention, bad or good. — Kids Need Attention

Dear Kids Need Attention: I am printing your letter because it has some truths to it — namely, that kids need attention paid to them. I have to respectfully disagree that all running wild kids are just seeking attention. Some children are wired differently than others. Just like some adults are wired differently. And some adults and children like to run wild and free. The important thing for both is that it is done in a safe and respectful place.

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