Work continues on stoplight in Houghton

HOUGHTON – Construction of the new traffic light on M-26 in Houghton is on pace for its scheduled Nov. 10 completion.

Work this week includes installation of signal poles, said Jeff Rautiola, assistant construction engineer for the Michigan Department of Transportation. First, he said, there has to be some pavement patching on the edge of the roadway.

“We get the pavement patching completed and they’ll start installing the signal poles, the wiring,” he said. “Basically all the underground portion is done except for final patch paving.”

The light will include four poles at the corners of the intersection of M-26, Razorback Drive and Brickyard Lane. The cost of the $230,000 project is being paid by MDOT, which gets reimbursed through federal highway funds. Sidewalk and curbing on all four corners has also been redone to accommodate the proper slope for the sidewalk, Rautiola said. The width of M-26 and the approach roads will be unchanged.

The intersection, one of the busiest in Houghton, is a frequent site of traffic congestions and has been the site of a number of accidents.

While some outside lanes were closed for sidewalk work last week, Rautiola said the closures have been reduced to the shoulders, which shouldn’t impact traffic.

“We just ask the public’s patience in working at a very busy intersection,” Rautiola said.