Award made college affordable

HANCOCK – Having the Hancock Award available has been beneficial for Hancock Central High School students who could not otherwise afford a post-secondary education, said Karyn Ruohonen, Hancock middle school and high school counselor.

“It’s worked out great,” she said. “We’ve had more kids going to college than before.”

Most HCHS students who attend Finlandia because of the award get healthcare degrees, Ruohonen said. Others get business, or art design degrees.

Each year, Ruohonen said HCHS graduates about 60 seniors, so the 20-plus students who go to Finlandia make up a large portion of that number.

Jenna Ollanketo, an 2014 HCHS grad, said since there are relatively small class sizes at Finlandia, the instructors are able to give one-on-one attention to students, which she appreciates.

She has to make a few payments to Finlandia each semester, but Ollanketo said she’s glad she decided to attend Finlandia and receive the Hancock Award.

“I couldn’t justify going into debt when I’m getting a quality education for a very small amount,” she said.