Then & Now: Church still stands in Rockland

MTU archives The Roman Catholic Church in Rockland is shown in an undated photo. Judging by the vehicle in the foreground, it was likely taken between 1905 and 1912.

The Daily Mining Gazette invited its readers to step into the past. Readers were asked to identify the Copper Country location shown last week and share a memorable experience of the location. A collection of reader responses accompanies a current photo and confirmation of its location in today’s edition.

Reader responses:

Beautiful picture! It is a picture of St. Mary’s Catholic Church and rectory in Rockland. The rectory is gone now and the top of the steeple was replaced after the original one was destroyed in a fire.

–Mary Don Hoffman

St. Mary’s in Rockland. It said Copper Country and I was so happy when the responses said Rockland. A long history of the entire Sebastian Schmaus Family back to the middle of Eighteenth century.

–Dolly Verville


Sure looks familiar! Rockland.

–Alexandra Saari Ellis


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