Aldrich sentenced in CSC case

HOUGHTON – A former Houghton High School hockey volunteer was sentenced to nine months in jail in Houghton County Circuit Court for sexually assaulting one of the players last year.

Brad Aldrich, 30, of Hancock, will also be barred from attending sporting events at which a minor may be playing during his five-year probation.

Judge Charles Goodman said he could seek permission from his probation agent to attend specific games that did not involve the victim. However, Goodman said, those requests were less likely to be granted at the start of his probation.

Houghton County Prosecutor Michael Makinen said the victim continues to have emotional issues surrounding the incident. He said the ban on sporting events was necessary to give the victim some space.

“In talking to the family, the victim simply does not want to go to where he might bump into the defendant,” he said. “To limit this request … is to basically tell the young man, ‘Stay at home, don’t do it, or suffer the consequences.’ In other words, he has to heal himself by himself, and I don’t think he should be required to do that.”

While Aldrich did not speak at the hearing, attorney Tom Casselman said he felt “sincere, heartfelt remorse” over the effect his actions had on the victim and the family. Since his arrest, Aldrich has gone to counseling for alcoholism.

“Mr. Aldrich is extremely sorry that this young man has suffered at his hands,” Casselman said.

The victim was not present at the hearing.

Judge Charles Goodman said part of the sentence is to act as a deterrent, “so if an individual is going to place themselves in a position of trust, they must be well aware that that trust is not something that should be subject to violation.”

Aldrich pleaded guilty in December to fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct with a student between 16 and 18, a two-year high-court misdemeanor. The nine-month sentence was the maximum possible under state sentencing guidelines.

Aldrich received credit for 59 days served.


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