EPA to begin work in Lake Linden soon

Garrett Neese/Daily Mining Gazette A sign warning of hazardous materials is seen at the Lake Linden village park. The Environmental Protection Agency will begin excavation at the park in October.

LAKE LINDEN — Environmental Protection Agency excavation of material around the shoreline of the village park will start in early October, the first phase of a project that will ultimately include contaminated sediments in deep water.

In May 2017, the EPA notified the village of tests showing elevated metal levels in sediment at the bay between the beach and upper area of the park. The materials date back to the site’s past of copper processing for the Calumet & Hecla Mining Co.

“I think now that they have the result it’s just a determination for what the best course of action is for the other phase,” Clerk Bob Poirier said.

The first phase is near an EPA excavation site on the near side of the bay in 2007, after previously submerged stamp sands became exposed.

This fall’s actions will include the upland area where the drainage ditch goes up toward the land, said Brian Kelly, on-site coordinator with the EPA. The EPA is removing the material in coordination with site owner, Honeywell Specialty Materials.

“That material is not contaminated, it just needs to be removed out so that the water will flow correctly,” Kelly said of the material by the drainage ditch.

The first phase is scheduled to last four to five weeks, Clerk Bob Poirier said.

A second phase will include removal of contaminated sediments in deep water. Kelly said that has been delayed until spring.