Hancock to update parking fines

HANCOCK — After almost 20 years, Hancock’s parking fines could be going up. 

The council voted Wednesday to introduce an ordinance that would allow the city to change fines for parking penalties by council resolution rather than ordinance. The Houghton City Council introduced a similar change at a meeting in July.

The change would give the city more flexibility in amending fees. A public hearing on the new ordinance will take place Sept. 7. 

The city has been working with the police department on updated numbers, said City Manager Mary Babcock. 

“It’s been almost 20 years since those have been updated, and some of them, I think are a hindrance to enforcement when it’s $5,” she said. “They’re looking forward to it.”

A resolution with updated amounts will come to the council at the same time as the ordinance. 

Babcock said she would present the council with a draft version of the new fee schedule for review at the next meeting Aug. 17. 

That section is being tackled ahead of other sections of the parking ordinance due to the need to have new tickets ready, Babcock said. Babcock will also ask the department to research new forms of ticketing.


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