Free Wheelin’ and Reelin’ weekend

Photo courtesy of David Archambeau Both Motorcycle and Snowmobile Hillclimbers will be working at Whealkate Bluff this weekend. They will be working on making a new Hillclimb run at this Steep Hill. The Motorcycle Hillclimb will be July 22 in South Range.

This Saturday and Sunday, Off Road Vehicle riders do not need to purchase an ORV trail sticker, It is also the 2 days that one does not need a fishing license. It’s Michigan’s ‘Free Wheelin’ and Reelin’ weekend!

For 2 days one can ride an ATV or side by side on the hundreds of miles of ORV trails in the Copper Country. This is an opportunity for both Michigan residents and non-residents to see for yourself some of the best ORV Trails in the entire Midwest.

Enjoy the fun and scenery of a ride to Copper Harbor, or go from South Range to Greenland on the BN Trail. See the history of the area by riding past old Copper Mines. Make sure you have your camera for a ride over the historic Firesteel trestles, 4 miles north of Mass City.

A great ride is on one of the very first DNR ORV Trails in the Upper Peninsula. That is the Baraga Plains. You have to actually ride the Baraga Plains to see for yourself how diverse the trail riding is. You can have fun in the sand, and within minutes you’ll be in the heart of the forest. They have ORV trailer parking and even bathrooms.

The Baraga Plains trails is for ATV’s 50 inches or less. Here is a trail system on which dirt bikes can have a lot of fun. There are ample opportunities for wider SXS’s to ride via gravel roads. What makes the Baraga Plains so special is the chance to take your camping gear with you and camp at the rustic Big Lake Campground.

Another great ride on this ‘Free’ ORV Weekend is a ride from Greenland to Bergland on the ‘P’ trail. This is a trail that goes right through the heart of the Ottawa National Forest. You really have to ride the ‘P’ trail to get away from it all. Other than a short ride through Rockland, when you’re on this trail, you won’t come upon any people, other than those also enjoying this trail.

While I doubt you will find an ORV to rent this weekend, you can always cross your fingers and possibly get lucky. Call area dealers or ask around as to who rents SXS’s. Or better yet, make this the year you invest in your own ORV.

Dealers have an excellent inventory of ORV’s. You’ll find legal 2-person straddle seat ATV’s. You’ll find 2, 4, 6 person SXS’s. We haven’t seen as good of an inventory of new ORV’s for the last 3 years as our dealers have right now. You’ll even find small ATV’s and SXS’s for your children.

While it may have taken a lot longer than many of us expected, the ORV aftermarket companies are offering more creature comforts, sound and light accessories, and performance products than ever before. However the ORV Manufacturers have every option you can imagine.

Air conditioning, full cabs, heat whatever you need, your dealer has a SXS with the options you want.

The SXS market includes sport models and utility models. Even the feed and farm chains have low priced SXS’s. The ORV industry continues to increase in different name brands, just as the snowmobile industry did in the 1960’s.

You haven’t seen how beautiful the Copper Country is until you put yourself and your family right in the heart of it on an ORV trail! Without having to buy the trail permit, tomorrow and Sunday are the days to Ride and ride free.


Tomorrow and Sunday, Snowmobile and Motorcycle Hillclimbers, along with MASTERS Racing Circuit Officials and fans will be working at Whealkate Bluff in South Range. They will be working on building at least one new run up this steep bluff. With the help of Mike Fraki along with Pat’s Heavy Equipment, they will have a bulldozer and skid steer. Others will be using chainsaws, weed trimmers, and loppers. Some will be there to help move debris. They are all volunteers and if you have the time to help, it would be greatly appreciated. They will meet tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. They will also be looking for help Sunday morning and early afternoon.

This summer’s Volwerth’s Meats-Wildlife Refuge Cabins-Pat;’s Motorsports-M & M Powersports Motorcycle Hillclimb at Whealkate Bluff in South Range will be Saturday, July 22. It will feature the Jesse Perry 450cc Memorial Class.


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