Brian Lahti

HOUGHTON — Brian Lahti. The world is a busy place. It’s easy to get caught up in life’s challenges and to-do lists. Day by day people look ahead without enjoying what they have right now as the day passes them by. People forget to live in the moments that bring them through life. Brian Lahti was not that guy.

Those who knew him would know he was a strong hard-working man that did a lot. At the same time, he was a fairly calm kindhearted person that unlike many was a master of living his life in the moment.

Day to day, he enjoyed life’s simple pleasures and never needed or wanted more than the basics. Simplicity and his family were all he needed to be happy. Seldom did he let the world’s problems or rules stop him or work him up. He just lived. He loved taking a good cruise in the car to take in or talk about the scenery, good coffee, a quiet bicycle ride, near any carpentry project, and just hanging out over good food and conversation. These among many of life’s other little joys were the highlights of his days.

When life got too crazy for others, he would simply remind you to relax with his go to phrase “Don’t overdo.” At 60 y/o Brian Lahti of Houghton passed peacefully. Over this past year he battled with cancer and though cancer beat his body, he never let cancer beat him.

As rough as it was on him, his attitude was positive. He fought looking to the future and by making the best out of every day. In that respect he won on his terms. Even during the most challenging of those times his happy relaxed attitude made those around him happy too.

To many in the world he was just another guy, but he meant the world to his friends and family. We will never forget the smart intuitive guy with quirks that mostly… made you smile. God used an extra special mold with Brian. As he left for God, he left us with memories of a lifetime well lived. So Don’t over do, live your life to the fullest every day. There’s nothing like the moment you get right now.

Brian is preceded in death by father Bruce Lahti, mother Carol Lahti and brother Dave Lahti. He is survived by sister Cheryl Harter, brother Jim (Marge)Lahti, daughter Emily Lahti, son Nathan (Nicole) Lahti, and grandchildren Trayven, Rylan, Reese, and Harrison Lahti, as well as his 1 nephew and multiple nieces.

There will not be a formal memorial. Family and friends will gather for a private burial in the spring followed by cook out in honor of Brian. In lieu of flowers, we ask instead you do something nice for someone in memory of Brian. Make an extra effort to help a neighbor, pay or the meal of a random family next time you go out to eat, live your day in kindness, in faith, and to the fullest.

To view Brian’s obituary or to send a massage please visit memorialcahpel.net.

The Memorial Chapel & Plowe Funeral homes of Hancock are assisting the family with the arrangements.