So many people to thank!

I have had the privilege of writing monthly articles as the Copper Country ISD superintendent for the last six years. I have enjoyed providing the community with updates and information on all of the services the Copper Country ISD provides our local schools, students and our community as a whole.

As most people are aware, I am retiring on June 30, so this will be my final article. I would like to use this article to thank all those who I have been fortunate to work with and are the ones who truly have made an impact in our local education.

I would first like to thank the Copper Country ISD school board (past and present). They have been very involved in the work of the ISD. They ask questions of my administration team because they want to really understand all of the services that we provide. They were not afraid to challenge the direction I was leading them. This helped me be a better superintendent, as it forced me to be ready and thoughtful about the path I was leading them on.

The Copper Country ISD has a great administration team. We met as a group monthly and I met with each one individually on a weekly, if not daily, bases. The administration team also challenged me and each other. The team always wanted to see growth in all of our departments.

Whether it is the school board, the administration team or the superintendent, no plans or direction work without the staff implementing the ideas. I am very proud of all the Copper Country ISD staff. They all work very hard. They all want the best for the students and schools they serve. It is the dedication of all the individual teachers, paraprofessionals, ancillary staff, technology staff, secretaries, business staff, custodial staff and bus drivers that has led to all the success of the Copper Country ISD.

The Copper Country is also lucky to have such a dedicated group of local superintendents who advocate for their individual schools. Every month, the Copper Country ISD hosts a local superintendent round table meeting. During these meetings, much information is shared and great conversations are had.

As superintendent of the CCISD, I have had the privilege to work with many strong community groups. One example is the Advisory Boards for the Career & Technical Education classes we offer. These boards consist of local business people and professionals who help guide our CTE curriculum. The Keweenaw Economic Development Association (KEDA) is a group that has been very involved with the schools, especially with CTE. The Portage Health Foundation has been a huge asset to the Copper Country ISD and all the local schools. They have been instrumental in many local initiatives. Many of our local districts also have Rotary, Lions’ Club, Kiwanis or other similar organizations that support their schools. I have been witness to much of the great support these organizations have given to our local schools.

I have been fortunate to have been a teacher for sixteen years, both at Forest Park and Hancock, a principal in Chassell, then the principal/superintendent in Chassell and finally the superintendent for the Copper Country ISD. I have very much loved my years as an educator. There is nothing better than watching a student succeed. I have been fortunate to have witnessed many student successes.

For those who have read my articles these past six years, thank you. I am confident that the Copper Country Schools will continue to flourish because of all the great people and organizations that come together to support their work.


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