Marking a month filled with inspiration

Inspiration comes in many forms. As each of us are unique, so are our journeys to being inspired. Conjuring up that old, elementary school language arts definition of a noun, we often look to a person, place or thing for inspiration.


Things worthy of inspiring us are countless. A writer might find inspiration in a leather-bound journal or a favorite smooth-gliding pen. A painter may get inspiration from ideal subjects, such as a perfectly arranged bowl of fruit or a beautiful vase of flowers. A chef is inspired to create by a lovingly oiled cast iron skillet or mother’s mixing bowls.

We find our passions in everyday things, things that fill us with the urge to be creative and to approach problems with fresh perspectives. Little things, big things, all have the power to inspire.


Places also provide inspiration. As Yoopers, we have no shortage of awe-inspiring places to visit regularly. From the shores of Lake Superior to waterfalls to forests, we can experience breath-taking sunrises and sunsets, mindful walks on a well-worn path and calming fishing excursions. Immersed in a place so full of natural beauty, we are surely able to feel inspired.

Other places, such as the swing on your welcoming front porch, the stool in your favorite neighbor’s kitchen or the passenger seat of your back-roading pickup truck, also have the ability to inspire. Although expensive beach vacations or elaborate sightseeing trips seem like a sure-fire way to achieve inspiration, we cannot discount the everyday magic of places that feel like home.


As a source of inspiration, people undeniably rank at the top. Historical figures, high-achieving athletes and successful entrepreneurs are among the typical list of inspirational people, but fame does not ensure or define inspiration. Often we find inspiration in members of our family or our community. We are inspired by the passions and achievements of those who live where we live, who shop in the same shops, who hike the same trails. Commonality is a bonus on the journey to inspiration.

An iconic image of a young Black boy touching then-President Barack Obama’s head in 2009 was deemed “Hair Like Mine.” Common threads connect those looking for inspiration and those who inspire. Just like that 5-year-old in the Oval Office, we tend to celebrate people who share part of our story. Whether it be through physical traits, similar passions or aligned beliefs, people draw inspiration from commonalities.

In honor of Women’s History Month, women who have impacted the Copper Country tell their stories. Inspiring women with amazing histories – past and present – who have left their mark in fields of environment, civics, business, health care, science, education and community grace the pages of today’s special section.

Women’s History Month is a perfect time to reflect on what person, place or thing inspires us.

Candace Wolf is the publisher of the Daily Mining Gazette. She can be reached at cwolf@mininggazette.com.


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