ACA coverage is one-sided

To the editor:

I am sick of the Daily Mining Gazette’s campaign against the Affordable Care Act masquerading as news. It’s not just the inane political cartoons dredged from the depths of stupidity and the incessant opinion columns opposing the law that has been ratified by the Congress and the Supreme Court. What I really object to are articles like the one in the Friday, September 27, paper misleadingly entitled “Heath law online sign-up delayed.”

From the article, it is clear that the glitches are minor, do not apply to more than a few groups, and are largely caused by the relentless campaign by Republicans and their backers to block the implementation of the law in any way they can.

If governors of the 36 states who have decided they can’t be bothered to set up health insurance exchanges to help those millions of their citizens who can’t otherwise afford health care – yes, that’s why it was called the Affordable health care act – had done so, the federal government might have been able to get the online system running perfectly and on time for the sign-up. In states that have set up exchanges, everything is running fine.

The slight delays, as is clear from the article (and not from the headline), are due to government officials working hard to make sure the process works properly and will not delay people’s receipt of health care coverage.

The official quoted as saying the problem is serious represents a small business lobby that has been fighting the implementation of the act from the beginning.

The editorial cartoon channeling Dr. Seuss is equally misleading. If you finish the book you find out that after trying green eggs and ham, the guy says, “I do so like green eggs and ham.”

When you get good information on Obamacare, you will too -as long as you don’t get it from the fox in the box.

Like all programs designed to address complex issues, the Affordable Care Act will need to be fine-tuned as it is implemented. The Social Security Act was relentlessly opposed when it was introduced and underwent many revisions to become the crucial support it now is for seniors like me who no longer receive pensions from their employers or never have.

Please cease your one-sided “reporting” of the roll-out of this important safeguard for the 99.9 percent of people in our country.

Marilyn Cooper