Protect the environment

To the editor:

Hi, My name is Edwin Lahti. I live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan U. S. A. My wife and I are vegans and we do everything in our power to promote this life style. We have seen many people’s health improve because of what a vegan diet can do. I am 72 years old with none of the usual diseases of our society.

As many people know, raising animals is the most inefficent way to provide food, especially the way it is being done now. It has a huge negative impact on our enviroment and the animals (I am a farmer’s son, so I have seen it first hand). But there are other issues that need attention.

We need a real change in how to build vehicles and many other products that is sustainable in this world. I have been working on this for over 40 years and have made major breakthroughs on how to make environmentally sound, user-friendly vehicles, engines, and other products that would have a huge impact on our world if we could implement them.

I have many people that want this to happen, but it all comes down to financing it. I have built everything on my own thus far.

I have a web site showing what I can do-, and this is only the tip of the iceberg of what I have.


1 – Michigan Technological University,

2 – SmartZone

3 – Finlandia University State of Michigan- bus procurement ( most of the buses for the cities are bought by the state ) they have been waiting for 13 years for me to bring a final certified prototype. The state is very interested because of user friendliness, very high efficiency and, in some instances, saves tons of weight per vehicle.

Other contacts- 1- Handicap industry, have many contacts

2 – Ambulance Industry, have nation wide contacts with off shore connections 3 – have many others too numerous to mention and have many local businesses that want to build these products.

Misson statement – to make our world a better place to live on by major saving of natural resources and fuel, that would cut emissons considerably, which is absolutely doable with the products and information that we already have in our world.

Yours truly,

Ed and Sherry Lahti