14th Linebacker golf tournament

To the editor:

The Lakes Linebacker Club would like to thank all the people who made their 14th annual golf tournament and benefit dinner a huge success. The Linebackers would like to thank the Calumet Golf Course for allowing us to host the tournament as well as Brian Baccus and Peninsula Powder Coating of Baraga for sponsoring the tournament.

A big thank you to the Lakes Lounge for hosting the dinner, all of the golfers who participated, and to Shelly Codere & Cheryl Monette for organizing this event & George Pini, & Alan Codere, for preparing the food.

Thank You to The Lacasse Family for their generous donation of the Patriotic Cooler.

We would also like to thank all of the people who donated towards the dinner: Neil Artley, Ron Asselin, Ron Beaudette, Alan Codere, Larry Curtin, Doug Ellison, Rick Gilles, John Hodges, Rob Holzberger, Tom Holzberger, Ken Klein, Ozzie Klein, Kippy Lacasse, Roger Lacasse, Joe Lajimodiere, John Loukus, Judy Nuottila, Dennis Pini, George Pini, Dave Persons, Ron Rheault, Dan Sarazin, Jim Sarazin, Linda Sarazin, Sarge Kendzierski, Ricky Sarazin, Todd Sarazin, Sandy Schultz, Daryl St. John, Dean Seppala, Bev Solmonsen and Jeff Koepel.

A big thank you to the people who donated food dishes and prizes for the dinner: Loading Zone II, , Kari’s Klip & Kurl, Swick Plumbing & Heating, JP’s Fast Tack Lube, Herman Gundlach-Champion, Colleen Suhonen, Beth Crouch, Christy Baccus, Lynn & Ken Klein, Joanie & Tony Dupuis, Joe Koepel, Kim & Scott Codere, Kari & Tom Holzberger, Carol & George Pini, Judi Nuottila, Jill & Rick Marcotte, Sue & Steve Hainault, Jean & Shane Middleton, Amee & Drew Crouch, Betzee & Tribin Holbrook, Trina & Jeff Koepel, Sara & Mark Dudenas, Julie & Dean Seppala.

Thank you To Judy Emery & Doug Kaufman for delivering the extra food to two different locations in need of food..

The Lake Linden-Hubbell Football Program is very appreciative of everyone who helped make this event such a huge success.

It is very humbling to see so much support for the football program at Lake Linden-Hubbell. We are looking forward to doing it all again next summer.

Andy Crouch

Lake Linden


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