Men are natural vulgar talkers

To the editor:

The primordial beast of carnality and lust strikes early and often at practically all males of species homo sapiens. Few are exempt. The beast never lets up – when fulfillment is not forthcoming, one must sublimate his carnal desires.

Richness of source material abounds-the most convenient outlet takes the form of ribald humor that is oft-times coarse and vulgar. Whether it be a downright crude joke or some juicy gossip concerning sex, you can bet that guys will listen close and that hearty laughter will be heard.

Men’s predilection for ribaldry that begins early in life matures in his adulthood, and it makes absolutely no difference what church he attends or whether he belongs to some respectable civic organization. Maybe he’s on the school board or even a member of the clergy itself. If you want to see ears to prick up, go and listen to some good BS about sex.

Almost all men, I submit, enjoy back-alley humor. Exceptions include eunuchs, saints and enlightened liberal democrats. The eunuch doesn’t care two cents what you have to say about the matter, while the saint will commendably advise you to tone down your disgusting rhetoric. The enlightened liberal democrat, however, will sniff the air and unctuously pontificate to you on how boring and passe vulgar talk is, and look at you as though you’re a cretin. “Get with it pal, go smoke some dope,” he’ll probably be thinking. Also keep in mind that there are plenty of sanctimonious prigs running around just waiting for a chance to wag their fingers in your face as they remind you to be nice.

But talking vulgar talk and acts scurrilously imposed on Paula Jones, et al, by Bill Clinton are two entirely exclusive matters. The contrast is too stark to even have to judge which behavior is more reprehensible. It’s what you do and not what you say that counts.

Take this into consideration on Nov. 8. One party is guilty of locker-room talk, while the other is guilty by close association with a certified lout. Ask yourself if Mrs. Clinton has been adequately vetted of her own venialities or even worse, the FBI investigation notwithstanding.

Gail Wickstrom

Newell, West Virginia


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