Points to ponder on library vote

To the editor:

There has been, of course, a great deal of discussion in recent weeks about the decision of the Chassell Township Board to reverse the decision of the Aug. 3 election to renew the Portage Lake District Library bondage issue.

This is where it gets both simple and complicated: On the one hand, there are some folks – my neighbors, mind you – who do not want their farmland taxed at rates far beyond what they think is fair. After all, sections of farmland are hardly residential land, and they feel that they should not be subjected to the same taxation to support a library to which they neither visit nor really appreciate.

More than that, this issue is the one danged time when a taxpayer can actually make a difference on their tax bill – the feds don’t give us that opportunity, after all! Certainly, I understand that, particularly when writing that check to someone in Lansing or Washington.

Of course, there are some of us who believe that we just have to dig down and support one of the most basic concepts of democracy. The history of the public library in the United States of America, from the Free Library of Philadelphia (supported by some of the Founders of the Constitution) through the great movement of the early 20th century, was one of the greatest generators of education of the people of the United States. This may sound like it’s over-reaching, but it is actually true: Public libraries are the engine of democracy.

Say all you want about the language of the original bondage issue (that’s been answered), the so-called evidence of the Library Board to refute the original vote (also refuted) or even the Chassell Township Board to reverse a legal vote – that will go down in history! But that’s behind us – at least we have the opportunity to re-address the issue. That is democracy.

This is where it comes down to it: Decide if you want to support the Portage Lake District Library. If you think that it is of value to you, then say, “No,” you will not give up your library card.

Bryan Johnson


Men are natural vulgar talkers

To the editor:

The primordial beast of carnality and lust strikes early and often at practically all males of species homo sapiens. Few are exempt. The beast never lets up – when fulfillment is not forthcoming, one must sublimate his carnal desires.

Richness of source material abounds-the most convenient outlet takes the form of ribald humor that is oft-times coarse and vulgar. Whether it be a downright crude joke or some juicy gossip concerning sex, you can bet that guys will listen close and that hearty laughter will be heard.

Men’s predilection for ribaldry that begins early in life matures in his adulthood, and it makes absolutely no difference what church he attends or whether he belongs to some respectable civic organization. Maybe he’s on the school board or even a member of the clergy itself. If you want to see ears to prick up, go and listen to some good BS about sex.

Almost all men, I submit, enjoy back-alley humor. Exceptions include eunuchs, saints and enlightened liberal democrats. The eunuch doesn’t care two cents what you have to say about the matter, while the saint will commendably advise you to tone down your disgusting rhetoric. The enlightened liberal democrat, however, will sniff the air and unctuously pontificate to you on how boring and passe vulgar talk is, and look at you as though you’re a cretin. “Get with it pal, go smoke some dope,” he’ll probably be thinking. Also keep in mind that there are plenty of sanctimonious prigs running around just waiting for a chance to wag their fingers in your face as they remind you to be nice.

But talking vulgar talk and acts scurrilously imposed on Paula Jones, et al, by Bill Clinton are two entirely exclusive matters. The contrast is too stark to even have to judge which behavior is more reprehensible. It’s what you do and not what you say that counts.

Take this into consideration on Nov. 8. One party is guilty of locker-room talk, while the other is guilty by close association with a certified lout. Ask yourself if Mrs. Clinton has been adequately vetted of her own venialities or even worse, the FBI investigation notwithstanding.

Gail Wickstrom

Newell, West Virginia

A civil, honest alternative

To the editor:

At this point it fortunately does not look like Donald Trump is at all likely to become our next president. Unfortunately the odds are excellent that Hillary Clinton will become our next president, and if that happens I think the second presidential debate gives us a pretty good preview of what Washington politics are going to look like for the next four years. It will be the ugly irrational hyperbolic polarization of the past 24 years, on steroids.

However, we do have a civil and honest alternative in Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson. By now most people who follow the news would be aware that Johnson is far from perfect, but in my opinion the “talking heads” have been much too quick to dismiss him.

Consider his past. He started a construction company from scratch that eventually grew to employ over 1000 people and made him a millionaire. His first entry into politics was to run for governor of New Mexico, where he won as a Republican in a very Democrat-heavy state. He was successful enough that he won a second term with a healthy 55 percent of the vote.

Speaking of healthy, this guy thinks nothing of riding a bicycle for hundreds of miles, has competed in ironman triathlons and has climbed the highest mountain on every continent.

In his current campaign Johnson has won endorsements from several major newspapers, including the Detroit News and the Chicago Tribune. A poll by the Military Times revealed Johnson tied with Trump for 1st place across the whole military, and beating both Trump and Hillary by over 10 percentage points each among officers in particular.

Even before Trump started to seriously implode, polls indicated Gary Johnson had a chance of winning the state of New Mexico, where they know him best.

Johnson’s running mate William Weld is also an outstanding individual. Formerly a federal prosecutor and head of the Department of Justice Criminal Division, Weld successfully ran as a Republican for governor of Democrat-laden Massachusetts. He also won a second term under those circumstances, with 71 percent of the vote – the widest margin of victory in the state’s history.

Gov. Johnson and Gov. Weld both have proven records of success as executive leaders in government. They are fiscally conservative yet socially progressive. They support both Second Amendment rights and LGBT rights. They support an invincible military defense but oppose counterproductive military adventures.

John Loosemore


Muslims threaten to take over US

To the editor:

One of the most serious threats America faces is to be taken over by Muslims who what to kill us. Hillary Clinton wants to bring in thousands of Muslims when there is no way to vet them. Donald Trump wants to stop anyone from coming here from Muslim countries.

* Clinton plans to continue President Obama’s plans to defeat Isis, which is not working. Trump will defeat them – wipe them off the face of this planet.

* Clinton is against the pipeline. Trump will open up all energy sources.

* Clinton wants to raise your taxes. Trump is planning the biggest tax decrease in history.

* Clinton like regulations. Trump will wipe them out.

* Clinton is supported by your teachers union. Trump will improve education for everyone.

* Clinton wants more money for abortion. Trump is pro-life and does not think government should support abortion.

* Clinton thinks deep-seated religious beliefs have to be changed. Trump has pledged to protect religious freedom.

* Clinton would appoint Supreme Court judges. who would change this country forever. They would be judges who believe in abortion, gay life style, against guns rights and for hate speech. In Sweden pastors can not preach from the Bible about homosexuals. It is hate speech.

* Clinton loves control and regulations. Trump will get rid of them.

* Clinton will keep Obamacare. Trump will abolish it. He has Dr. Ben Carson working on it now.

* Clinton was in on the Iran Disaster Agreement. That should be enough for you to say enough is enough. We can’t take any more deals like that one.

* Clinton wants to reduce the military spending. Trump will build back our military. Praise God. He wants peace through strength.

You have a choice to make. It is probably the most important vote you’ll ever cast. It is all about the Supreme Court. Once it is liberal, America will never recover. It is that serious. Do two things. Vote for Trump and pray for this country.

Lois Jean Dahlquist



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