Outdoors can be hazard for cats

To the editor:

Could this be your cat? A petite, young female tabby cat was recently found in the Quincy Hill area. A kind person called K-SNAG when he noticed her wandering around with a dead kitten partially emerged from her body. While trying to remove the kitten, he discovered she was covered with maggots.

A veterinarian examination revealed that her pelvis had been broken at some point in her life. This could be the reason that she was unable to give birth to her kittens. She was given immediate medical attention, but unfortunately, there are complications and her future is uncertain.

How this little cat has suffered. Why would an un-spayed female cat be wandering around outside? Do people still not understand the dangers to cats that are allowed to roam?

Could this be your cat? A white/orange neutered male cat was found in Laurium. Caring young people brought him to K-SNAG. He is bones with fur over them.

A veterinary exam found he has a large mass in his abdomen, probably cancer. Why is no one missing this cat? Why is he roaming the streets?

Could this be your cat — black and white spayed female with ears as hard as rocks from untreated ear mites and ear infections? It appears she has been struggling for a long time.

Allowing cats to roam outdoors is dangerous and can lead to so much suffering. We have cared for many cats with ears curled and hard from years of untreated ear infections or mite infestations.

Cats that have been hit by cars and need extensive surgery have been brought to us when the owner cannot afford the medical bill. We have cats needing homes that are extremely timid due to weeks or months fending for themselves.

We have seen cats with flea infestation, ears broken off from frostbite, cats with FIV or feline leukemia, cats with severe bite wounds, cats with wild kittens. Why would anyone want to subject their pet to these things?

If you feel your cat must have the “outdoor experience,” invest in a harness/leash and take your cat for a walk (never let him alone unsupervised, even on a leash). Buy a kennel to allow your cat to have some outside time. Think of the suffering that will be avoided if you keep your cat safely indoors, with a climbing tree and plenty of toys.