Local artist brightens future

To the editor:

As you drive under an overpass to enter grim and shattered South Boston, the arms of four Irish counties are crudely painted over your head. Similarly, grey Loho long-lived in grey, drab shadow is now enlivened by paint. Allison Waara has now brightened this urban neighbourhood that contains Mattila Square, this neighbourhood led to by Brew Alley, this neighborhood that in day is darkness, with pastel blooms and charming vines.

You have seen nothing until you have seen the murals of Lisbon; Ashland, Wisconsin, is made by its murals; the murdered teenagers of the Bronx ascend to Heaven on wings composed of multiple butterflies and all birds of North America make lustrous preening on the brick sides of the buildings of Washington Heights; Chicago’s faded painted walls include graffiti by a man dislocated two years in time. In our Houghton between the town of Pilgrim and Cole’s Creek murals have, and will continue to, add so much to our lives. Miss Waara has made a wonderful contribution to this history and future.