Ban Medicaid repayment

To the editor:

If Debbie Dingell and her caucus really believe in their new-found right, “If you live in America, you’ve got a right to affordable quality health care, period,” they can act on it today. Propose a law, to wit: “No one shall be required to repay funds received for care under Medicaid, period.” And make it retroactive to year 0, so people who suffered loss can be indemnified.

Such a law is necessary because Michigan and most other states have recovery acts. In Michigan, it’s called “The Recovery Act of 2007,” and it requires the state to recover funds spent under Medicaid for long-term care.

This, in turn, means people have to sell their property while alive or having it sold when dead, which is a violation of this new right.

So, Debbie, go for it. Show us you mean it.

Make America great again. Help the American people. Make property rights mean something again.