One from the Trump Cult

To the editor:

I agree with you on one thing, Jack Spritzer, that we are living in the last days. Last, could mean years or months. I think it is interesting that Ralph Reed’s organization Faith And Freedom are working 24-7 to sign new voters and re-elect Donald Trump. Maybe because President Trump has done more for the Christian community than any other in a very short time. He has freed your Pastor so he can preach the Bible without fear of hate speech and talk about Christian values of candidates running for office without losing his tax deductions. He has also done this for the military Chaplains, who were forbidden to preach or pray in Jesus name under Obama.

You are either Pro-life or Pro-death. President Trump has appointed one Pro-life Justice and now nominated a second in Brett Kavanaugh. This is a huge accomplishment! Both Clinton and Obama appointed Pro-death Justices to change the balance of the Supreme Court.

President Trump says Merry Christmas. Remember Happy Holiday? America is back from that 8-year nightmare. No, I am not a racist. I worked for Ben Carson and now John James who is running against Debbie Stabenow for Senate. Both are black. I don’t care what color they are. It is their ideas and beliefs that are important.

Since America was founded by Christian men and because we have been best friends with Israel since 1948, the Lord has blessed this nation. The new laws we have passed, which are contrary to the word of God, have put us in a very vulnerable position. Tolerance is not wise for America. One problem I see, is that we think of ourselves as good. Good never made it to eternal life. Only Jesus has the Key to Heaven.

Jack Spritzer, your description of President Donald Trump shows a level of hate that is unbecoming to the Christian you say you are. It must have been done in ignorance. Maybe you watch CNN. That would explain it.

One of the 63 million deplorables who are smelling up Walmart and clinging to our guns and Bible.