Flimsy excuses by God apologists

To the editor:

The letters recently published from Christian fundamentalists requires a response. First, quoting scriptures proves nothing. Would fundamentalists pay any attention to quotes from the Quran, or quotes from the Avesta, the Upanishads, or the Book of Mormon? Of course not. Perhaps they will understand why people similarly ignore their Bible quotes. Second, ad-hominem remarks and subtle threats of being sent to a mythical hell doesn’t lend itself to a constructive dialogue.

It has been asserted that science, like religion, is based on faith. Well, okay, we’ll just expand the definition of faith and contrast the approaches to reality. Religious fundamentalists have faith, without sufficient evidence, that the Bible is the literal word of their god and without error. To them the Bible produces absolute and unchangeable truth for all eternity. Scientists have faith, with sufficient evidence, that the data they’ve collected provides for a reliable theory that produces verifiable predictions. The theory is provisional, considered highly probable, but subject to alteration or abandonment if further investigation so indicates. Scientists prefer to use the word “confidence” rather than the word “faith.” In other words, fundamentalists are self-righteously cocksure without objective evidence, while scientists welcome an elimination of error because it helps in achieving a better understanding of nature.

If you expect to get an education in science, you won’t find it watching the Science Channel or Ancient Aliens. The Science Channel has some science, some pseudoscience, and some nonsense, however lay persons sometimes can’t tell the difference. To get a real education in science, enroll in some science courses at nearby universities. Also consider The Great Courses.

If the glory of God can be seen in nature, then we have a problem. There is much beauty in nature and it can be captivating; but, looking closer, we find that nature is a predatory world, red in tooth and claw, with every living organism on the menu of other living organisms. Human beings and other animals have been ravaged by deadly storms, bacteria, viruses and parasites for millennia, producing untold amounts of suffering and death. No matter how you look at it, the Bible God is ultimately responsible for this tragedy and does nothing to ameliorate the situation. As a parent, you would certainly look after the well being and health of your children. This is the theodicy problem and flimsy excuses are put forth by apologists for the inaction by God.