Further concerns at Hancock High

To the editor:

Unlocked doors are only the tip of the iceberg in Hancock Middle and High School’s safety issues. On February 19, 2018 I attended an IEP meeting at the school with my daughter. During the course of the meeting I informed Principal Ohan that my grandson had been threatened to be stabbed on the school bus.

Mr. Ohan’s reaction was to roll his eyes.

A Hancock staff member then suggested that if my grandson did not feel safe on the bus, he should not take the bus, to which Mr. Ohan readily and hardily agreed.

This was not a test, it was not a learning experience, it was the real deal. Had Mr. Ohan done his due diligence and investigated he would have found that the girl who threatened my grandson had also threatened three other boys on that bus and to back up her threat she showed at least two of the boys the four large kitchen butcher knives she was carrying in her backpack.

There was absolutely no follow up by Mr. Ohan.

The boys were able to talk the girl down, but what if they hadn’t been? It could have just as easily been another incident similar to the September one at Fitzgerald High School in Warren where a girl stabbed to death another student. Okay2Say – not in Hancock schools.


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