Jesus paved an Iron Road

Are roads in Finland paved with iron? Rautatie in Finnish literally means ” iron road” because Rauta is “iron” and TIE ( dee – eh ) is ” road.” It is actually the word for ” railroad” with its steel rails.

How a word is used determines its meaning. The Bible is misunderstood when some words are not translated correctly.

Elohim, a plural hebrew word, is usually translated as “God”, Which is singular and is one divine being. ” Let us make man in our image…”( Gen. 1:26) Tells us more than one divine being was involved in the creation.

A more precise translation of Gen. 1: 1 would be that the ” God family” created the heaven and the earth.

Those who deny that Father and Son are members of a divine family believe, instead, what the Bible does not teach, That God is a triune ( thee – in – one) divine being.

Before he died, Jesus asked, ” Eli, Eli, LAMA SABACH — THANI?”“My God, my god, shy have you forsaken me?” ( Matt. 27:46). He used the singular word for god, not the plural Elohim, because he prayed to the Father, not the God Family of which he was a member.

That is why Jesus said, after his resurrection, ” I am ascending to my father and you Father, to my god and your God” ( John 20:17). He identified the father as ” the only true God” ( John 17:3), the one who is the supreme being.

Jesus prayed, ” Father, glorify me in your presence with the glory which I had with you before the world was made.” (John 17:5). that prayer identified the Father as the member of the God family who is the supreme being (God).