Buttigieg has earned respect and potentially a vote as well

To the editor:

Physiognomy is the art of judging character from facial features. Everyone does it. Most of the time the gears remain in neutral, but oft-times when encountering a stranger, we size him up. Can I trust this person? Is his nose too long and his chin too weak? How about those beady eyes?

Whether this is politically correct, judging a person at first glance is a safeguard, though one can often be wrong: the person you’ve deemed a skunk turns out to be one of the finest individuals you’ve ever met, and vise versa–it takes time to tell. Still it’s not a bad idea to trust your gut instinct at the outset.

Which brings us to the current crop of Democrat presidential contenders. I’ve lost count, the last time I heard there were some twenty-plus contenders. Of course, I size them up physiognomically before listening to what they have to say.

A few observations are thus in order:

How about Joe Biden announcing his candidacy? There he was, glowing radiantly, features composed, happy, almost beatific in aspect. A young lad beaming with joy, having just been awarded a placard by his Sunday school teacher for reciting bible verses from memory, could not match the light shining from Old Joe’s homely face. When it comes to exuding radiance, he’s really got it. Keep it up Old Joe, you’ll need it.

I’m sorry, but I can’t say the same for Bernie Sanders. One glance at him is all that’s needed to indicate this man is an old stuffed shirt, a pretentious snob. Listening to his sonorous voice only reinforces my low opinion of this tiresome prig as he trumpets his mumpish socialist views to his callow minions. A man who honeymoons in Russia may really be in collusion with the Ruskies. A heap of bull dung should suffice as Bernie’s dais every time he bloviates hot air.

I’m empathetic with Pete Buttigieg. He’s obviously a learned man, if only by virtue of his being able to speak eight languages. Pete, however, quite frankly looks like a big sissy. But in Pete’s case, his appearance most likely belies his true strength of character–physiognomy doesn’t always work. Pete, I may not agree with you, but you mean what you say, unlike your jaw-flapping rivals who’ll say anything to be elected.

Pete Buttigieg, you’ve earned my respect as being best of the crop.