We have choices to make

To the editor:

Are school shootings driving you mad? Do you think the NRA and the conservatives that want us to keep our guns are the problem? Do you believe that if they could take our guns away that it would be back to “safe and sound” again? I don’t. If they succeeded in taking away our guns, then people would probably use knives, clubs, bats or anything they could get their hands on to kill or harm others because the real problems lies in the hearts and minds of sinful man.

I believe that we as a nation are getting a payback for that we have done to ourselves by making it legal to slaughter God’s most precious gift; our children. how do you as a tax prayer feel about being forced to support organizations such as Planned Parenthood? Some women may say that it is her body and that she canned do whatever she wants with it, but abortion is not like cutting off a finger or toe. A women is only nourishing a little life inside of her that is growing rapidly. Her egg was fertilized by male sperm and now it has a DNA–its own special genetic code. This miracle tells us that this child is not an actual part of the mother’s body but is, indeed, its own entity. many women have swallowed the lie that this child is nothing more than blob of tissue and that it is her body. The Bible (yes, I believe in God’s Word as the ultimate standard of truth) says, “Thou shall not kill”. The glory truth is that since Roe v. Wade was passed in 1973, we have murdered over 60 million babies!

The numbers are staggering! it is time to wake up as a nation! The new movie “unplanned” is a good movie to see because it acts as a true voice of facts and reason that should shout to us all to wake up! We have many pro-life organizations, a pro-life president, the senate, and most importantly, growing numbers of supporters and prayer warriors who want to do away with this evil wickedness called abortion. But are also those on the left who are calling evil, good and good, evil. This is causing great turmoil i our nation today. We have need to resolve this growing conflict and anger.

The Bible tells us to “humble ourselves, pray, seek His face, repent, and turn from our wicked ways” so that God will ” hear from Heaven and heal our land”. I truly believe that our time in the America that I grew up in is almost up. We have been given freedom to choose between good or evil, belief or unbelief, God’s forgiveness or rejecting Gods love and forgiveness. Who have you chosen to follow? There is no one who could love you more, no matter where you have been or what you have done, than the Lord Jesus. Choose life! Choose His love and forgiveness while it is still called “today”. “He who conceals his sins does not prosper, but whoever confesses and renounces them finds mercy.” Proverbs 28:13.


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