Embracing tourism

To the editor:

Brockway Mountain is a very special place, and thousands of visitors do agree. Even the ones that drive ATV/ORV’s.

ATVers are also one of the “We” in the words on our coins and paper currency. We buy gas and pay the gas taxes, that go to fix our roads. We also buy trail passes, that go to fix, sign and maintain the trails.

We agree, that Brockway Mountain has a million dollar view. And it should be viewed by all types of users. ATVers have been in the mix of those people for about 25 years.

Letters of support have been sent for the access of ATV/ORVs on Brockway. There are people who have property on Brockway Mountain, who would have limited access, if it where not for the use of their ATV/ORVs.

As Keweenaw County transforms from a mining and logging economy to one of tourism, we need to embrace all forms of tourism. So please Tread lightly, be safe, And enjoy the ride.