House cleaning is coming

To the editor:

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are corrupt politicians, but she did win the election by popular vote like Al Gore. I believe that the electoral college was a scam from the beginning, for eliminating presidential candidates who wouldn’t “cooperate with the monetary system that controls the world. Alexander Hamilton Levine, I believe, wrote the electoral college plan for the Rothschild world central cartel, andhe signed the first 20 year charter with the Rothschild’s in 1791 for the first bank of the united states.

I believe he was a double or triple agent, and traitor of the united states. Any politician who has the fearlessness to ask the the federal reserve to be abolished, the electoral college to be rescinded, the citizens united dark money be eliminated, I would vote for!

But I know the level of corruption in Washington, Arizona, or anywhere, so I know regardless of party, the politicians are going to represent their own status quo, not the people who elected them to represent us. I can go to Hillary, with a laundry list of crooked deals, and Trump with a history with Russia since 1979, with Manafort and Store as participants, with the high probability of money laundering thru real estate with Russian banks, Deutsche bank, and the bank of Cyprus.