UPPCO offering meter choice for residents

To the editor:

UPPCO is the only electric company in Michigan that allows us to have meter choice: smart, digital, or analog meter. Our analog was installed today. An analog meter is “electro-mechanical.” Analogs require no electric current other than 240 volts of AC which passes thru it to record usage. This retains the “pure” sine wave, clean electrical current on home wiring. Analogs have surge protectors, are grounded, and constructed of fire-resistant metal and glass. We had a digital meter which requires switch mode to power itself and which causes dirty electrical current on your house wiring. Digital meters are made of flammable plastic, do not have surge protects, nor are they grounded.

The opt-out in 99% of Michigan electric companies is a smart meter with the first radio frequency radiation transmission shut off. The second transmission shows when, and what electricity you are using. It allows the company to shut off your lights, appliances and track time of use for prime time billing. The residents are still getting a 24-hour 50% dosage of radiation from their opt-out meter.

Detroit Edison failed to shut off the radiation transmissions in 40% of it’s opt-outs. DTE has been ordered by the Michigan Public Service Commission to install a non-transmitting opt-out meter. DTE and Consumers have used scare tactics, intimidation, bullying, and threats to get its customers to accept a smart meter or it’s transmitting opt-out meter.

They come with four trucks and a cherry picker and if you don’t accept their electric meter they cut your electric wires. It is estimated almost a thousand people in the Detroit area are living without electricity because even the opt-out meter caused health problems.

Solar panels and generators are not an easy way to get 100% of the electricity for everyday living. Meter choice is a dream for these residents.

September first UPPCO will begin smart meter installation in Houghton, Keweenaw and Baraga counties. If you choose to opt-out and get other than a smart meter you must call UPPCO at 906-449-2013 and request Application for Standard Meter Opt-out. Fill it out and return it with $62.25 initial fee . The monthly opt-out meter charge is $14.26 and will be included on your bill. I am thrilled to have an analog meter. I thank UPPCO for their integrity in giving us meter choice.