Hancock Home and Garden tour

To the editor:

On behalf of the Hancock Beautification Group (Jeannie DeClerck, Deb Mann, Marcia Goodrich, April DePaulis, Kathe Salmi, Allyson Jabusch, Erin Froese, Michiko Nielsen, Susan Miko and Cindy Figures), I’d like to thank the following for their help in making our 2nd annual Hancock Home and Garden tour fundraiser on July 13th a wonderful success:

Hancock City Manager Barry Givens for his support; employees Mary Babcock, Beth Fredianelli; the city crew for the 11th hour Dunstan Street repaving job; artist David Griffith for designing our beautiful poster and brochure; Jeannie DeClerck for her descriptive brochure narratives; Katie and crew at Book Concern Printers for their prompt attention despite being short-staffed (a huge thank you!); TV6 for their coverage, Mary Ann at WMPL for the terrific interview and publicity, Keweenaw Report, the Daily Mining Gazette and Marquette Monthly; ticket venues North Wind Books, 5th & Elm, Hancock Community Arts Center and Hancock City Hall; Ken Ropp and David Griffith for the gorgeous floral donation from their garden; Pam Niemela for her beautiful cake and cupcakes at the Armstrong home; gift basket donors Gail English, Ronda Bogan, Debra Charlesworth, April DePaulis and Jeannie DeClerck; site volunteers Will and Lydia Lytle, Jim and Cheryl Gherna, Jane Wright, Gerhard and Hilde Becker; our generous and hard-working homeowners Bob and Julie Lang, Jim and Lana Hughes, Jennifer Becker and Eric Seagren, Evan and Deborah Armstrong; Deb Mann for creating the Fairy Garden at Memorial Park; Tom Figures for ice delivery; Marcia Goodrich for her pr expertise and manning the ticket booth with Allyson Jabusch; docents Erin Froese, Susan Miko, Jeannie DeClerck, Kathe Salmi and Michiko Nielsen; and last but not least, the public for their enthusiastic support and participation.

Proceeds from the tour will go towards future HBG projects including rejuvenating and highlighting the Veteran’s memorial in Memorial Park, across from City Hall.

A drive down Quincy Street reveals abundantly lush floral containers, colorful hanging baskets, banners and beautifully landscaped pocket parks; including a butterfly garden. Anyone can see that this is a town that people care about and clearly believe in.

Please continue to support our stores and restaurants, recreate in our parks, enjoy the Tori, music at Porvoo and take in a movie at Quincy Green. We welcome you all.