Legislature should investigate 5G

To the editor:

Re piece regarding 5G technology (from Feb 2018)–

As I understand it, many 5G components have been installed throughout the country, but most have not been activated. I have seen some components installed in towns and along I-69 between here and Port Huron. Local governments feel helpless to fight 5G. Of course, it will take years to install the many components.

As for “opting out,” I have heard that there is a legalized financial cost involved. There is so much wrong with how 5G is being rolled out, I am disappointed that people are not more upset. Of course, it would place electronic media at a competitive disadvantage if they were to speak-out against 5G.

I still argue that the fault of installing 5G prematurely can be linked to Congress, the White House, and State legislatures. I think that either (1) industry failed to conduct safety research and make the information known (the responsible thing to do, I think) or (2) legislators at many locations failed to perform “due diligence” and learn about 5G (they trusted industry’s presentations).

Some legislative voices have spoken-out with unanswered concerns about 5G, but they generally have been overwhelmed by those promoting the technological advantages. It’s hard to believe that industry “hoodwinked” so many legislators/legislatures, that so few spoke-out with concerns, and there were not any/many industry whistleblowers. Industry already has so much money involved, I don’t see it backing off their strong promotion of 5G.

Only a specific project by the Feds would be a comprehensive study 5G. No local or state government has the resources to do so. However, a legislature could demand that industry present its research files. If they say that there is no information to present, then I would have to suggest that they have conspired to not look into this angle, perhaps because studies from the military sector have negative findings. “Profit “ ahead of community safety.

I’ve not come across an example of an industry getting legislatures to pass legislation supporting a product, the industry getting required permits and investing large amounts of money (in the U.S. and throughout the world), and then trying to undo the massive investment because of initial misrepresentation (and even “conspiracy” to misrepresent).

Enough… but this stinks.