Thank you Mike

To the editor:

During a recent visit to the Copper Country, I stopped at a small quiet restaurant just outside of Houghton, In Chassell, called The Iron Horse. When my sister and I entered the door, we were greeted by Mike, Who with his upbeat charisma, welcomed us to the scantly filled restaurant.

After eating our enormous taco meals, he mentioned to us that they were going to be having live music a few days later and that we ladies should come by to check it out.

After a few days, we did just that. As we sat there eating King Kong size hamburgers, ( Seriously, they were huge… delicious too) people started pouring through the door. It was a great time just sitting there watching Mike as he flew from person to person, making everyone feel special, even singing and dancing along with the music. Thank you, Mike, for making my visit a fun one. I will be sure to stop in the next time I visit the area.