An open letter to Vice President Pence

To the editor:

Mr. Vice President, I want to thank you for visiting us here in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Your trip to Mackinac Island on Sept. 23, 2019, will help us expose the area to other Americans and highlight the beautiful land we live in.

However, I was a bit disturbed that you brought eight large SUV’s to the island for your less than three miles of transportation needs. Since 1898, vehicles have been banned from use, with the exception emergency equipment and winter snowmobiles.

The trusty Draft Horse has been used for all forms of work, for more than hundred years. Not to be confused with the Draft Dodger you are teamed up with in Washington D.C.

The need for motorcade protection was maybe based on the threat of black flies or the U.P. Mosquito (the Michigan state bird) harming the Veep!

The chance of a deranged tourist, hyped up on pounds of fudge, reaching down and picking up a horse apple and tossing it at the Pence entourage is a major concern for security!

Heaven help us, there are more than 400 horses on the island….. That’s a lot of ammunition!!

Oh Well, maybe you did know about the equine tradition, because you came out looking like a “Jack Ass” for your inappropriate behavior.