Don’t consider abandonment

To the editor:

Recently a petite black and white cat was abandoned in our area. She was in a pet carrier along with a note stating that she is a very bad cat because she had been wetting in the basement. There are many reasons why a cat might be wetting inappropriately. If no medical reason is found, then the problem is most likely due to something in the environment that is stressing the cat.

According to the note, the cat has been spayed and vaccinated, but there are many unanswered questions. How old is she? When were her last vaccinations given? Were there other animals in the home? Were her litter boxes kept clean? Had the owners changed the type of litter they were using? Was the basement damp or cluttered with junk, plastic, or old clothing? Was there something frightening her that may have kept her from her litter box? Had something changed in the family dynamic recently? Knowing the answers to these questions might help to solve the mystery of what led to this change in the cat’s behavior.

She is extremely friendly and loving, with big round eyes and a shiny coat. A visit to the veterinarian’s office eliminated the possibility of a urinary tract infection, so that is the good news. The problem now is finding someone willing to give this confused little girl a chance. She has been using her litter box consistently while in the care of K-SNAG. A quiet home with no other pets would provide the perfect opportunity to observe her behavior and give her a second chance.

Abandonment should never be considered a solution to any problem that a pet owner encounters. A simple phone call to your veterinarian or local rescue organization will provide answers to some questions that you have and they will also direct you to other resources that may be helpful.

There are more cats needing homes here in the Copper Country than there are people wanting a pet cat. A simple solution to this situation would be for cat owners to have their cats spayed and neutered. K-SNAG offers financial assistance for spaying and neutering. Please call, 296-9144, if you need help.


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