Free speech under attack

To the editor:

Free speech is under attack. There are people that can’t stand to hear anyones’ opinions other than their own and the narrow minded cliques (tribes) they hang out with. It may be a religious group, politics, or the media, about homosexuals or abortion.

Beware, you may be attacked if you speak the truth or give the facts, everyone seems to have their own facts and truth. They don’t want to hear what the Bible says or what was learned from history or from older people that have already weathered the storms of life.

They give their opposition pet names like Leftist, Fundamentalist Right Wingers, Homophobic and many others so you will know to whom they are talking about.

Many of these radical groups are not satisfied to just speak their mind, they take action like harassment by phone, internet, shunning and some may tell you to leave the country, and the really dangerous may use violence to relieve their anger and fear.

The reason I am writing this letter is to worn anyone that is willing to give their opinion in public or write it in the newspaper may be attacked. I know because after my last letter to the editor about abortion I was attacked by someone from Wakefield, MI, by phone. They used two different numbers and called me at least 10 times the first day and would hang up on me when I picked up. I tried to call them back but was blocked.

The same day I received 45 calls from Insurance Companies from all over the country asking for Michael or Michael Archer. I asked one local company that called, where she got my number from? She said: “from an internet server”. I told her it’s a scam, no Michael lives here. Months later, I still get those calls daily but let them talk to the machine. I blocked the numbers from Wakefield and wonder if they set me up with those scam calls from the insurance companies.

I checked the internet to see if there was a Michael Archer, and there are at least 10 of them all over the country, so it wasn’t a mistake, my number was used intentionally.

I could have found out who the Wakefield idiot was and retaliated, but that’s not nice. I will not be silenced.