My medicare

To the editor:

I am a senior. When I see a doctor or go into the hospital, I pay nothing. It is socialized health insurance which is administered by the government for two or three percent. I pay extra for a private policy (part B) which doesn’t cover dental or hearing cost. Recently, out of pocket, I paid $6,000 for dental work and another $6,000 for hearing aids. Individuals not on Medicare pay $500 to $2,000 a month in health insurance premiums that also do not cover dental or hearing and have deductibles of $1,000 to $5,000.

People do not understand the savings from Bernie Sander’s single payer Medicare for All. They have been led to believe Bernie’s plan would cost them more. This misinformation is coming from the private insurance industry. They administer their plans for 20% overhead. In the past, Rick Scott was Florida governor and now he is their senator. He owned a health insurance company that only returned 60 cents of the premium dollar and because of it he became a billionaire great example of Extraction Capitalism. This gives one an idea of why Americans pay twice as much as other countries who cover almost everything. We have 87 million Americans who aren’t even insured or who have minimal coverage! If our country adopted single payer health insurance people would be more likely to go earlier to the doctor. Earlier detection would mean conditions caught then would produce better and lower cost outcomes.

I hope this will show where the money would come from if we adopt Medicare for All. Also, those companies that offer employee health insurance would save money that their employees could use in asking for higher wages. High deductibles would go away along with high monthly premiums. So it is a myth that Bernie’s Medicare for All would cost more! Don’t be fooled by insurance company propaganda when you hear or read it. Besides, Medicare for All is a human right.