New building better for jail

To the editor:

I am writing on behalf of a potential site for the new jail that seems inevitable.  I suggest that if the city goes ahead with their plan to erect a new City Center next to their current location that they use the second floor for the required 70-80 bed jail. 

I understand the UPEA sketch would provide approx 9000 sq. ft. of space and the city would have their tenant for as long as this site remains large enough.  The current jail could maintain the 30 bed work release site, and primary Sheriff’s headquarters. I’d also suggest the Courthouse remains active at its location.  It is one of the oldest original Courthouses still in use and an historic building. 

The taxpayers could pay the rent for the new jail, pay to update and maintain the other two sites and still have a savings compared to the proposed amounts of $20,000,000, to $33,000,000. for a  new jail, Sheriff’s office and courthouse.

The person who suggested the Shopko building had a great idea and all three facilities could have possibly fit under one roof and on one level.  Unless the church wants to rescind its offer, that’s no longer an option. 

I also would anticipate people not wanting a jail in downtown Houghton so they could use the north entry facing the water and nobody would even notice as only the City Center would be seen from Shelden Avenue.

This would be a logical option as opposed to building a huge, or three huge facilities.  That would not be sustainable at all, and since the city is already considering their building this could work for all involved.


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