Obama was a good man

To the editor:

I was saddened about a recent editorial submittal here. This local writer tried to suggest that Democrats are racially biased; even using examples dating to the early 1900’s. I try to base my ideas on facts and figures in relation to individual behavior. Humans have both good and bad traits. The writer tried to convince readers that Democrats use racial slurs and used that to sully them. I will cite only three of many items to counter her. She conveniently left out Republican racial slurs and worse.

Recently, the presidential archives released taped phone conversations between President Nixon and then California Governor Ronald Reagan. They enjoyed referring to African Americans as “Monkeys who haven’t gotten use to wearing shoes yet.”

With her remarks about Joe Biden saying that four years ago Barack Obama would have been serving coffee; I can personally refute her insinuated insult of Obama.

When he served honorably for two full terms elected with over 70% of the vote; as well as not being investigated, not having massive turn overs in his Cabinet, not creating chaos in this country and around the world, not severing relationships with our allies, not embracing global renegades and dictators, not enriching himself while using the power of his office and not facing criminal indictments when he leaves office. These belong to Trump, not Obama.

I wrote three letters to President Obama when he was in office. In one letter I asked him if he was offended by remarks that Biden or others made along the lines mentioned. He said no, as they were in jest and that it was a comment on how Blacks in America have made progress in society. If this local writer feels that the G.O.P. is exempt from racial bias; please research this.

Trump is no doubt the most xenophobic and bigoted person I have observed. He hates Muslims, Mexicans, Guatemalans, Ecuadorians and anyone of non-white persuasion. He blames them for using “chain migration” to get their relatives here. Isn’t this the way Melania’s parents got here from Eastern Europe? The U.S.A. has a decades-long policy of “Medical Deferment Act,” this allows, non-U.S. citizens to abide in this country for life-saving medical treatment unavailable in their homeland.

America has traditionally been a humanitarian sanctuary. Trump is trying to deport these roughly 2,500 sickly people because they are not citizens. Also, Trump is refusing entry of Bahaman hurricane victims because they don’t have proper papers. These devastated people have nothing.

Many times bigotry and hatred are hereditary. I pray we can break this cycle. The gospel writers in the Bible, recorded words and deeds of Jesus Christ. Although Jesus Christ stressed love, tolerance and self denial. He also said he “Dislikes Hypocrites.”