Rogue activity should continue

To the editor:

A slightly wayward veteran reported to the Gazette this morning, that the crime of giving and helping was committed last night at a residence near covered drive.

“I watched it happen but there was nothing I could do to deter the convoy of vehicles, and platoon of veterans as they took turns dumping loads of firewood at my door.”

I could only hope that this type of rogue activity could continue throughout the community.

What is this world coming to, when man helps man, for no other reason than to do good things. I hope to pass it on.

My sincerest thanks to all those involved. I did not ask; but you brought it anyway.

It makes the heart full.

Editor’s note: The writer of this letter asked to remain anonymous. Normally, it is our policy to not run any letter without proper attribution, but we made an exception in this case due to the content of the letter.