Jail plan needs to be cheaper

To the editor:

According to the Gazette, decisions on the jail are far from decided. The County could build the complex for $20 to 33 million on two acres already owned, five acres on land to be purchased within the county, split the complex and throw away the court house…or maybe not. Taking into consideration jail population, prisoner types, bunk bed…or maybe not.

There has to be a less expensive way to house 50 prisoners and ask taxpayers for $20 million or $33 million to accomplish that. There is a much simpler way. Leave the present jail, court house, etc. the way it is. Use the present jail as a holding tank until the prisoner is sentenced, and then house the prisoner in Camp Kitwin as a longer term incarceration. 

Remodel Camp Kitwin as a satellite jail — a gas, furnace, roof and any other necessary up-dates would be far less than $33 million and a little easier on taxpayers. This plan will accommodate future growth and faster occupancy.

I quote the Sheriff, “Time is of the essence, or we will be forced to do what the state mandates what we will do.”

Take a ride to Camp Kitwin, it isn’t far and then vote your common sense.