New hotel really necessary?

To the editor:

The recent news of the removal of the parking deck to be replaced by a hotel convention center has prompted this response. It has been noted that the parking deck is constantly needing costly repairs. And the time has come for it to go. There was a meeting of the Houghton Council to explain the problem, get input from it’s citizens and then hold a council vote. The article stated about 80 people had attended. From what I read, it sounds like most, if not all of the folks wanted to slow down the process and not make a hasty decision. Apparently that’s not what happened. It sounds like it was pushed through without taking into consideration the concerns of the citizens. A developer has been decided. Now I have just a few questions.

1. Why the hurry? This is new news to the city of Houghton. Why the rush?

2. Was a survey taken of all the local hotels, asking the managers how often they are at capacity and what time of year. Does Houghton really need another hotel?

3. A hotel convention center would add dollars to Houghton in tax revenue. Is Houghton in financial trouble? Is this why the rush job?

Finally, the waterfront view of Houghton is beautiful and quaint. The stately old buildings just scream history. The cobble stone streets and the street lights add more charm. So the parking deck has to go. But a hotel is not the answer.