Open letter to Keweenaw County

To the editor:

An open letter,

For Keweenaw County Board of Commissioners:

I have two questions for each Board member;

1. How will the proposed two new ordinances enhance property values and quality of life?

2. How will they better ensure our safety and well-being?

Most Keweenaw County voters and tax payers supports tourism, this is not the issue or concern. Only one out of ten, more or less, ORV riders are real tourists from out of the “Copper Country”. Less than 2% of our county population bought DNR trail permits in 2018. Also, little kids, twelve years of age driving “off the road vehicles” in traffic on a narrow, winding road with many ups and downs (Brockway Mt. Drive), really? Safety first! ORV trails closed Nov. 1st for the winter. Many (most on the north end) voters and tax payers now gone South, this is not the time to hold Public Hearings in the “Dead of Winter and Dark of night”. Legal, yes. Ethical, no!

I request you partner with and ask all townships, when mailing our next property tax bills, include a survey asking a “yes” or “no” of support. You could then use this as your mandate to approve or redo. Otherwise place the issue on the August 2020 ballot. Better yet do both! Ask the people.