Revisiting “An Attitude of Gratitude”

To the editor:

A person I met recently while traveling reminded of the phrase “an attitude of gratitude” which I have loved for many years. Although his life experience is completely different than mine, we both agreed that gratitude is very powerful and has a positive effect in our lives. It can even have a healing effect as it clears out fear, hate, unkindness, loss, and other negative thoughts. We shared ways in which gratitude makes a difference in our lives daily.

Gratitude is a very powerful avenue in so many ways. And thanksgiving – or the giving of thanks – is a perfect way to recall our blessings. It is an expression of true appreciation for goodness in our lives. And It connects with others and their goodness too. It gives an uplift that can be both emotional and spiritual. It touches our hearts can transform our lives for the better. For me, it also brings to remembrance a recognition of the goodness and love of God whom I understand to be the ultimate source of infinite good.

When problems loom, I’ve found it’s not always easy to be grateful, but I’ve never known anyone who could be truly grateful and also be sad, unkind, or depressed at the same time.

A gratitude list might include such things as family, home, health, or ideas such as life and love or both. Something as simple as gratitude for a courteous helpful clerk, a smile, the warmth of sunshine, or the love of a loyal pet can uplift our day. Even children can make their own lists.

“This is the day the Lord hath made, be glad, give thanks, rejoice…” are words from a hymn in the Christian Science Hymnal (Hymn 342, Laura Lee Randall) that I find inspiring.. Making a list can lead to such rejoicing!

A wonderful thing about making a gratitude list is that it can be written or thought–instantly. There are unlimited ways to express gratitude. And it all starts with attitude!

Living in this wonderfully free and prosperous country, I am extremely grateful for all the goodness in my life.


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