Topics to consider

To the editor:

Three topics to consider this holiday season: (1) environmentalism, (2) Thanksgiving Proclamations and (3) truth.

1. Do you realize that Earth doesn’t belong to us? The Creator owns it but we have responsibility for its care. Consider how coal and oil has enabled our technology. Our atmosphere and oceans serve to moderate global temperatures. God has wisely provided measures to cover mankind’s abuses, yet our responsibility remains. When socialistic tyranny enslaves a nation, environmental disasters multiply. Do a little research into Mao’s China and Stalin’s Soviet Union. The end game of leftists wrecks the environment along with morals. However, the Biblical pattern distributes power, engaging the conscience of many people. See Isaiah 33:22 for the basis of America’s tripartite government. Even more so, God’s design for the New Testament church (as opposed to modern churches, whether Catholic, Protestant, Evangelical or Fundamentalist) distributes authority among peers, with leadership by example and by Biblical exposition, with no single man in power.

2. In the Thanksgiving Proclamations beginning with William Bradford in 1623, George Washington in 1789, George W. Bush in 2008 and Barack Obama in 2009, one poignant fact is that the original emphasis on thanking God has deteriorated. Psalm 33:12 states, “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.” In the recent proclamations God is neglected as the source of America’s freedom and prosperity. It appears that modern Presidents prefer politically correct standards. That’s truly a sad reflection on America’s blessed beginnings.

3. In John 18:38 Pilate asks Jesus, “What is truth?” Philosophers have searched for truth all through the ages but, like Pilate, have never found it. Even “in the last days,” men will be “ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.” (2 Tim 3:1,7) But for those who sincerely desire the truth, “the Spirit of truth,” through “the scripture of truth,” will lead them to the Lord Jesus who is “the Truth.” (John 15:26)

As Thanksgiving Day has now passed, put consumerism aside and give thanks to God with a grateful heart not only for His many benefits but also for Christ who offers forgiveness and redemption, if we would humble ourselves, repent and put our faith in Him, who died for us and rose again. Only Jesus your Creator, the Designer of the nanotech in every cell in your body has the technology to give you everlasting life.


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